About Us


Dick Ferguson's Clothing Store has been a mainstay in Athens since 1934. The store has served as a nexus for communication and social interaction. Football. Politics. Wingtips vs. tassel loafers. You hear it all at Ferguson's. Originally founded on Clayton Street in downtown Athens, the store has since moved to its spacious location on Baxter Street next door to many other great locally owned businesses.

What started in 1934 as a quality men's clothing store with personal service hasn't changed much over the past nine decades. Men's style may have altered some, but our dedication to quality apparel and personal service hasn't budged. 

We pride ourselves on our diversity of clothing and goods for "The Georgia Man", somewhat of a Renaissance Man with a southern twist. Whether it's the look you need for that big interview, Saturday in Athens, or a weekend at hunting camp; we are proud to offer you only the best.